Covid-19 Delta variant in the construction industry


Covid-19 Delta variant in the construction industry

New York State is approaching yet another chapter of uncharted territory that private companies must navigate amid this continuing public health catastrophe. Should employers be concerned about this new threat, given how quickly Delta is spreading?

Right now, this variant accounts for about 83% of new cases in the United States. It is accelerating its spread in places with low vaccination rates, such as the Midwest and high mountain states, where cases and hospitalizations have recently increased.

According to virologists and epidemiologists, evidence is emerging that the Delta strain is capable of infecting fully vaccinated people at a higher rate than previous variants, and concerns have been expressed about the transmission of the virus to very sensitive and unprotected groups.

To protect workers, the construction industry has mainly implemented its own unique variations of safety procedures. Some locations require masks to be worn at all times, while others require them exclusively for unvaccinated staff or site visitors. While some continue to adhere to the six-foot social distancing standard, others have eliminated it altogether.

While the rules for construction sites in the city do not always apply to sites statewide, the industry frequently sees a ripple effect everywhere. At this point, each company should conduct a review of its current workplace safety practices at the site and assess whether or not workers are satisfied and feel protected. This is also the time to connect with the team via an in-person meeting or an anonymous digital survey.

As health experts and politicians report growing concern about the new Delta strain, it is ultimately up to staff to choose the best course of action for the work organization and culture.

COVID-19 was a humanitarian disaster that turned the strategies of global businesses upside down. Unfortunately, the pandemic is not going to go away any time soon. As a result, companies and their employees must continue to be nimble in their response.

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