How to create a recruiting brochure


Unless you have a recruiting brochure, you’re not serious about adding people to your team. Stop complaining about how hard it is to find people until you produce one.

It’s a mystery why so many plumbing companies fail to produce a recruiting brochure. This is a document that sells your business as a place to work. He sells the candidate for the job and he sells the candidate’s spouse. If you have a good candidate and you don’t hire them right away, the Marine Brochure. If done right, it reinforces the desire to work for your business. Here are the things you can include in your brochure …

· Mission and vision of the company

The mission of your business is the safeguard of your business. It indicates what you will do and what you will not do. It gives the purchase of your business. Service Nation’s mission is “to help entrepreneurs improve their business and financial performance, leading to a profitable exit strategy”.

What is your mission? If you are missing a mission, create one. Who do you serve? How do you serve them? What makes you special?

Supporting your mission is your vision. It is a picture of what the company will become. It must be inspiring and ambitious. People should read your vision and say, “Yes, I want to be a part of it. “ Remember that people are striving to be a part of something bigger than themselves, something that has meaning.

· Company values

Have you identified your core values? These dictate the behaviors which, in turn, generate results. Your values ​​represent your culture. Hire according to your values ​​by asking interview questions about behaviors compatible with your values ​​and you will have fewer employee adjustment problems. The people you bring on board will adapt to your culture.

· Company history

What is the history of your company? Tell it like a story, full of drama and excitement. Do it well. Make history the things people need to know about your business. Include your growth. Don’t keep it a secret. Share it.

· Service area

Define your service area. Are you going to send plumbers 75 miles between calls, or are you working with a tighter market?

· Benefits

What are the advantages you offer? What can you offer that your competition doesn’t? It can be simple things like a vacation grant where you pay a small bonus when your team members go on vacation. Of course, you should include any health, dental, and vision programs you offer. If you have the supplemental life insurance that comes with many of them, list it separately.

· Holidays and public holidays

Note the days off, whether it’s personal time off (PTO) or paid time off. What can you do to make your days off more attractive? For example, you could make the first day of deer season a holiday.

· Testimonials from smiling and happy employees

Have everyone on your team write down what they love about working with your business. Use the best with photos of the team member. Just make sure the team member is smiling.

· Testimonials from happy and smiling customers

Take the same approach with your customers. When you get a glowing testimonial or review from a client, ask permission to drop by and have their photo taken for use in a recruiting brochure where you quote them.

· Team building events

Many plumbing contractors organize team building events from time to time. It could be a fishing trip, a corporate barbecue or other activities. List them and include a picture of one.

· Training

What training do you offer? If you are organizing training as part of your service meeting, this is a weekly training. If you’re sending people to third-party training courses from manufacturers, local trade associations, or third-party trainers, list each one. People are hungry for training programs, especially technicians. This suggests that they will improve personally as they work with your team.

· Team resources

List the business tools you provide. If you have a sewer jetter and camera, include those as well. Give the average age of your fleet (unless it is too old). Make sure there is a photo of your best packed truck.

· Marketing examples

If you are marketing, include a few examples in your recruiting brochure. Note that your business is marketing to maintain call volume, which means more money for the team.

· Charities and community engagement

What charities do you and your team support? Specify that these are associations supported by YourCo and the YourCo team.

In what other ways are people involved in the community? If anyone is volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, let us know. If anyone coaches youth sports, indicate so.

· Memberships

What organizations are you or the company do you belong to? Are you a member of a local professional association? Are you a member of the Services Roundtable? The local chamber of commerce? The National Federation of Independent Businesses? List all.

Look for differentiators

Read job postings from other plumbing companies in your community. What do they offer that you are not? Fix them. More importantly, what don’t they offer or point out that you might stress out? What are the differentiating elements that you can include in your recruiting brochure and recruiting announcements?

Most likely, you won’t include all of the points in the above list, but you should include most of them. In addition, you should include them in a page of your website as well as in a printed brochure. The recruiting brochure shows you are serious and helps you stand out from the crowd. Work on it one day a week until you have done it.

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