Large commercial space on Staten Island’s “trendiest street” available for rent


STATEN ISLAND, NY – A 5,300 square foot commercial space – formerly occupied by DaddyO’s BBQ and Sports Bar – is available for rent on what has been dubbed “the trendiest street on Staten Island.”

The space is located on Minthorne Street, a trendy and converted 33,000 square foot warehouse with a row of restaurants in Tompkinsville.

Father-son team Gary and Sam Angiuli – who own the building named after the street it is on – said they had several tenants eyeing the space since DaddyO left it last month. last.

While the Angiulis have said they will host any type of business that fits into the hip Minthorne Street vibe and consider subdividing the space, it is already set up as a restaurant.

“I think this is an amazing opportunity for someone because of the construction. You can go there with a relatively minimal investment, ”said Gary Angiuli. “It’s a good deal for someone who wants to open a restaurant, because they have all the gas lines and the infrastructure.

In fact, without even announcing the property’s availability, the Angiulis are already being presented with several “exciting possibilities” for the space, he said.

Minthorne Street is part of the city’s Open Streets program, which keeps the lane closed to traffic on weekends. (Staten Island Advance / Paul Liotta)


Minthorne Street is part of the city’s Open Streets program, which keeps the lane closed to traffic on weekends. The program has helped the street become the “hot spot” of the North Shore and is often packed with people frequenting the Flagship Brewery; Flour & Oak; O’Henry’s Publick House, and Enrichment, a co-working space.

And as part of the program, special events and performances, including a traveling circus, were held on Minthorne Street.

“Flower and oak prosper; O’Henry’s did a great lineup with live music, and the Enrichment co-working model is taking off. … So we have a vacancy in what seems to be the most interesting street … I want a cool concept [for the vacant space]; it is more important to do it right, ”said Angiuli.

The “Inspiration Plaza” adds to the “cool vibe” of Minthorne Street – a 2,500 square foot public recreation space inspired by Manhattan’s Bryant Park that the Angiulis built above the parking lot in front of the building.

And Angiuli said the Victory Boulevard and Bay Street sides of the building will soon be renovated with a grant obtained through the Downtown Restoration Initiative.


Greg Fosdal, owner of DaddyO’s, said he decided to close the North Shore location after struggling to find staff, including bartenders, waiters and line cooks, amid the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). It recently opened a new location at Bricktown Commons in Charleston.

“I was negotiating the lease at Bricktown Commons a few months after the start of the pandemic. … Who knew there would be such a staff shortage, so I decided to close [on Minthorne Street],” he said.


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