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Vertico has signed a partnership agreement with MAI International to distribute its construction 3D printers as well as a range of accessories specific to concrete 3D printing.The two companies have worked hard in recent years to innovate in the field of printing 3D concrete and have established very complementary positions

MAI International brings long-standing technical expertise in the handling of concrete materials and continues to expand its product line to innovative applications. Vertico has expertise in robotic manufacturing and aims to install turnkey solutions while developing PMCs in 3D concrete printing. The Austrian company offers high-quality industrial products in the areas of 3D concrete printing, foam mortar production, mixing, grouting and conveying technology.

Like many other companies active in this field, Vertico has grown rapidly. The Dutch company offers concrete printing solutions including robots, pumps and accessories combined with proprietary software and a mix of materials for a turnkey concrete printing solution. Vertico’s two concrete printers are available for production, as well as the company’s full range of services, including 3D design, construction calculations, programming, construction and transportation.

MAI International signs distribution agreement for Vertico construction 3D printers as well as a full range of 3D concrete printing accessories

The agreement is particularly interesting because MAI has specialized in the creation of equipment for modern construction projects specifically based on 3D concrete printing. While many startups focused on building the 3D printers and many large construction companies developed the materials, MAI was one of the very first companies to focus on providing all the necessary ancillary process equipment. to any construction 3D printing project. This technology is revolutionizing the construction industry and is quickly becoming an integral part of modern construction projects.

MAI International signs distribution agreement for Vertico construction 3D printers as well as a full range of 3D concrete printing accessories

MAI International GmbH has been at the forefront of the development of equipment for 3D concrete printing applications. MAI’s range of 3D concrete printing accessories includes two main products. The MAI MULTIMIX-3D is a special purpose mortar mixing pump that sets new standards in process safety with its innovative water and dry material management system. This mobile mixing pump for 3D concrete printing offers a permanent and reliable material consistency flow rate, adjustable from 2 to 30 l / min via an external interface. The MAI 2PUMP PICTOR-3D is a handy and powerful mortar pump with an external port for concrete 3D printing applications. It can withstand a maximum particle size of 2mm and has a flow rate of 0.5 to 5 liters per minute.

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