Owners say pool contractor took money but failed to complete the job – NBC 6 South Florida


Homeowners say they paid thousands of dollars to build swimming pools, but the company they hired hasn’t completed the work.

NBC Responds and Telemundo Responde Units across the state have been contacted by frustrated owners.

“I wanted a pool so my kids could do something,” said Angel Lacasse.

Lacasse says he contracted with Villa Pavers and Pools in December 2019 to build a swimming pool in his backyard. The total cost of the project has been estimated at $ 25,000.

But over a year later, he says he still doesn’t have a pool.

“I don’t have a garden. My kids can’t go there and play, ”Lacasse said. “All he did was pour concrete. After I paid him that amount of money, he just disappeared.

Lacasse says that after paying about $ 21,000, all work ceased.

“He refused to go out and work,” Lacasse said.

Lacasse is not the only frustrated owner. We also heard from two owners in Orlando in a similar situation with the same business. An owner in Tampa and another in Holiday, Florida also shared similar stories.

Every homeowner we spoke to said they were left with unfinished projects.

Our Telemundo Responde Unit in Orlando tried to reach business owner Ricardo Villaroel by phone. When they couldn’t reach him, we went to the company’s listed address in Palm Springs.

The address led us to an apartment. We did not find Villaroel, but a man living in the apartment told us that many people had come looking for him recently.

The Florida attorney general’s office told us that it has received six complaints about paving stones and villa pools and that their consumer protection division is actively investigating all six complaints.

We also asked the State Department that regulates contractors if action will be taken against this company. They told us that they “could not disclose information regarding possible disciplinary proceedings” until they “found the probable cause”.

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