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BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – It’s been a busy 10 days for Brandon Ashley and the Baton Rouge Five-S Group.

“It has only been chaotic between the businesses we operate and support to meet the needs of storm-affected citizens,” said Ashley.

Contractors help families clean up debris and rebuild after Hurricane Ida. Their projects will cost a lot more and take longer to complete.

“We had a big backlog in supplies of lumber, building materials such as concrete and steel,” Ashley said. “All of the things to put together a house, a commercial building or an industrial plant are done at a slower pace and at a much higher price. “

Before Ida, the construction industry faced a shortage of workers and supplies with the pandemic and previous storms adding to the challenges.

“Many entrepreneurs have lost their businesses due to the loss of contracts due to the pandemic. Another issue we are facing is the Hurricane Laura, Delta, and Zeta issues. So we are still in recovery mode, ”said Ashley

This pressure on the industry could delay projects for three months or more.

“When you start talking about rebuilding an entire single family home, this project normally takes 60 to 90 days. You move to the 180 days and over category, which is more than six months. This is typical of a new full-size custom home construction versus a renovation, which is normally half that time, ”Ashley said.

Ashley and other entrepreneurs ask everyone to be patient.

“Realize that it’s not the guy who works for you or the claims adjuster that’s causing the delay. It’s just the economics of supply and demand, and everyone wants to help out as quickly as possible to get the resources they need, ”Ashley said.

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