Suffolk DA: Contractor arrested for allegedly falsifying bids on municipal projects, failing to pay workers’ benefits


The defendants allegedly fraudulently submitted bids under the name of workers to present themselves as a minority-owned or female-owned business.

Suffolk County District Attorney Timothy D. Sini announced the arrest of a contractor for allegedly falsifying information about bids for public works projects in several Suffolk County municipalities and for failing to pay workers’ benefits on the projects assigned to them.

Nicholas Analitis, 44, of Massapequa, and his company, Gorilla Contracting Group, LLC, located in West Babylon, are each charged with eight counts of criminal possession of a second degree counterfeit instrument, a Class D felony and of 10 counts. Offer a fake instrument of first degree classification, a class E felony; and the non-payment of the salary in force, a class A misdemeanor.

“These defendants have filed false information with the aim of winning contracts with companies which abide by the rules,” said district attorney Sini. “In the contracts awarded to them under false pretenses, which were funded with taxpayer money, they did not pay their workers their fair share. We will not tolerate the exploitation of workers in this county, especially on taxpayer dollars.

Between April 2020 and February 2021, Analitis, acting in concert with Gorilla Contracting Group, LLC, reportedly provided fraudulent bonds and performance bonds to various Suffolk County municipalities in connection with tender dossiers on public works projects that have falsely listed the names of others as partner manager or owner of Gorilla Contracting.

An investigation by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office found that the defendants allegedly filed false bids on several occasions, including bids for the Babylon City Carlls River Watershed Project; the reconstruction of the runway at MacArthur Airport in the town of Islip; the Argyle Falls project in the village of Babylon; and public works projects for the Port Jefferson School District and the West Islip School District.

On at least one occasion, Analitis allegedly forged an individual’s name as a member or director of Gorilla Contracting without the individual’s knowledge or consent to represent the company as a minority-owned company. or to a woman in the process of supplying the village of Babylon.

Analitis and Gorilla Contracting won contracts with the village of Babylon and the school district of West Islip. In both projects, the defendants allegedly failed to pay the additional benefits required by law to workers in Laborers Local 1298. The Suffolk County Attorney’s Office investigation into the non-payment of current wages is ongoing.

As part of their municipal offers to the city of Babylon and the city of Islip, the defendants allegedly claimed that Gorilla Contracting had a learning agreement with the workers’ local 1298, which they did not have. Analitis also allegedly forged the name of another person as owner, member or partner of Gorilla Contracting or Gorilla Waste and Contracting on these offers without the person’s knowledge or consent.

Analitis was brought to justice today in Suffolk County District Court and released on probation. He is represented by Lawrence Carra and is due to return to court on September 9.

If found guilty of the charge, Analitis faces a maximum sentence of two years and one-third to seven years in prison.

This case is being pursued by Deputy Prosecutor Shiry Gaash, Bureau of Financial Investigation and Money Laundering.

A criminal charge is only a charge and the accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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