Wallbox launches renewable energy management system for commercial buildings


VE technology company Wallbox this week unveiled a new innovation, Sirius, maximize the use of renewable energies in commercial buildings. Sirius is able to handle a variety of energy sources and is configured to choose the greenest or cheapest source available to meet building demand, as well as to store excess energy in electric vehicles or building walls. batteries connected to the system. Sirius is currently in beta testing and is being used to power Wallbox’s headquarters in Barcelona.

Sirius can dramatically increase a building’s renewable energy consumption while helping to overcome the common challenge of weather conditions causing supply and demand imbalances and consumption inefficiencies. In its first six months of use, Sirius increased the renewable energy consumption of the HQ Wallbox by 20% and reduced grid dependency by 50%. In this context, the intelligent management system uses a fleet of 23 Nissan LEAF cars and Quasar bidirectional chargers from Wallbox, as well as 750 square meters (approximately 7,500 square feet) of solar panels. This is integrated with 560 kWh of on-site energy storage and the city’s electricity grid.

“When expanding our head office, we realized that our energy consumption would increase by over 400%,” explained Eduard Castañeda, CPO and co-founder of Wallbox. “It would have taken a new substation to provide the electricity we needed, which would have taken nine months for its complete installation. We decided to apply our own technology and saved a lot of time and money while reducing our carbon footprint. Sirius can be applied by businesses and cities around the world, either to overcome grid electricity supply constraints or to meet carbon reduction targets. »He concluded. Once the beta tests are completed, the system will be commercially available in the markets where Wallbox operates.

Sirius is one of the many energy management technologies currently in development at Wallbox. In the residential segment, Wallbox will soon launch its highly anticipated solar and wind charging technology, known as Eco-Smart, in Europe and the United States. Eco-Smart enables a consumer to use green energy generated from solar panels or wind turbines at home to charge electric vehicles in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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