West Village apartment building sells for $ 23.5 million


30 East 14th Street (Google Maps)

The Dushey family, owners of the Shoppers World discount chain store, and the Dadon family have sold a 20-apartment building in the West Village for $ 23.5 million.

The buyer is Witnick Real Estate Partners, Namdar Realty Group and Gorjian Real Estate Group, who have taken respectively 60%, 30% and 10% of the shares in the building. They did not respond to requests for comment.

Long Island-based Namdar is best known for owning malls, having quietly gathered a huge portfolio across the country – some of them not in the best shape.

The West Village property at 30 East 14th Street is a no-elevator apartment building above two storefronts – GameStop and T-Mobile. It was bought for $ 3 million in 1990 by Sion Dadon from Jack Dushey. The property was managed by the Jenel Management Corporation, owned and operated by the Dushey family. Samuel J. Dushey and David Dushey owned 10 percent collective ownership in the East 14th Street address.

The 20,901 square foot property has been the subject of several lawsuits. In 2018, Triumph Property Group sued Sion Dadon’s son Shaul Dadon for allegedly stealing commissions from the brokerage house. The brokerage firm was hired by Sion Dadon to market the West Village property; Shaul Dadon worked at Triumph Property Group as an agent.

A month later, Shaul Dadon sued his father for allegedly terminating his employment with Dadon Realty in retaliation for Shaul’s bias with his mother, Hana Dadon, during his parents’ divorce. Shaul Dadon also alleged that he owned a 39% stake in the East 14th Street building and that his father withheld his monthly property fees. Sion Dadon disputed all of the claims and alleged that his son was embezzling money from the Dadon Realty Group.

Both lawsuits were settled in 2019.

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